VIN marking vehicle identification number

VIN marking (Vehicle Identification Number)

V.I.N.: Vehicle Identification Number

When it leaves the factory, every vehicle must be identified with a 17-character number which appears on its car registration document:
The VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number), standardised serial number making each vehicle unique.

It is marked on various components of the vehicle during its assembly. The vehicle is identifiable at every "stage" of its existence:
Registration, insurance, import and resale on the second-hand market, etc.

V.I.N. marking - V.I.N. number engraving

VIN marking

         Composition of the number: Manufacturer's code - Type of vehicle - Serial number

Around the world, Technifor marks V.I.N. numbers on cars, lorries, buses, motorbikes, caravans, farm machinery and construction equipment on:

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