Semi-Automatic Marking Station

Semi-automatic marking station on request

The automotive and mechanical industries are big users of semi-automated stations. Installed at the end of your production line or as a quality control workstation, these "turnkey" stations offer guarantees, safety and productivity.

Boasting application experience with many clients worldwide, Technifor is able to offer customised workstations along with mechanical integration and the development of software adapted to your needs.

Marking parts of batches
Marking parts of batches which are placed on a carousel
Station with automatic door
Station with automatic door and barcode reading
Automatic marking station of plates different sizes
Automatic marking station of plates different sizes
Parts loading and unloading turntable
Parts loading and unloading turntable
Marking parts of batches which are placed on a carousel
Automatic plate laser marking station
Automated station with X and Y movements
Technifor manufactures laser marking solutions on demand
  • Details

    Customised semi-automatic stations:

    We are able to support your autonomous and efficient marking operations fully integrated into your production process. 

    Numerous solutions have already been installed for the automation of repetitive tasks or high-speed stages. We offer free access to our multi-skilled design department for the definition of your needs and the personalised study.

    Some examples of our projects:

    • rotating table, sliding table
    • universal and multi-function workstations
    • automatic plate feed
    • gripping ability and automatic ejection of parts
    • robotic island integration
    • integrated marking and reading
    • PLC workstation management
    • etc.

    Contact us to discuss your project!

  • Features

    Customised, the technical characteristics are based on your specifications.

    Designed by our Innovation and Technologies Centre - Cutsomisation Department - all the projects meet the strictest international safety standards.


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Semi-Automatic Marking Station

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